house rules

Imortant rules


ID is a must, required when asked for, an no ways around NOT having one

Entrance exclusively for persons of 18 years and older. No exceptions!

Only the following ID is accepted: passport, identity card & driver's license. So: not expired, no copies, no elderly cards, no student cards.

Smokers menu

With any purchase of the smokers menu in the Rusland you are allowed to take any other previous purchase you made with you and consume them, as of food we have vending machines for custumers use, food we do not sell are NOT allowed.

The law allows us buy 5 grams per person per day maximum. You are not allowed to carry more than 5 grams in our coffee shop.

Type of drugs

The coffeshop sells marijuana an hash, any other type of drugs is considered hard drugs and therefor not allowd as well as alcohol and even some types of medicine are NOT allowed.

peace of mind

When something is wrong with your stay at Rusland, considering you feel bad or have a problem, always approach the staff members working at the given time and ask for help, so the crew will be able to react on the problem and help out.

We do not tollerante

* Wapens

* Agression

* Discrimination

And finally

Rusland is set to be a neutral ground for relaxtion and mental relieve with the buzz by you choosing, come in happy an you'll leave happy!

For any questions


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  • Rusland 16
    1012 CL Amsterdam
    The Neterlands
  • Phone: +31 20 845 6434